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 Show - Open - Premier Open - Championship
Results 2005/7
4th Sept 05
SE Hound Premier Open Show
VHC Limit Beagle
Steven H Seymour (Beagriff) (Australia)
15th Sept
Thame & Oxfordshire County Show
1st Post Graduate Beagle
Alec Mackenzie (replacement for Viv Hylton)
18th Sept
Eastbourne & District CS
2nd Beagle- Post Graduate
Sue Johnson (Sumojo)
25th Sept
Worksop & District CS
1st Post Graduate Beagle
Mr A Goodby (Wahiba)
9th Oct
Hound Club of East Anglia Premier Open
Res Limit Beagle
Mrs Jessie Bell (Claybank)
15th Oct
Driffield 2005
VHC Limit Bitch
Mrs Zena Thorn-Andrews
22nd Oct
Thames Estuary CS
2nd Post Graduate Beagle
Mr. Tom Cripps (Elmlodge)
2nd Post Graduate AV Hound
Mrs Jean Kerr Watts (Raskasar)
5th Nov
Grantham & District CS
1st Post Graduate Beagle
Mrs Sarah Hattrell (Khinjan)
12th Nov
Bridgewater & District CS
1st Graduate Beagle
Mrs E M S Coleopy (Fullani)
11th Dec
Boston & District CS Premier Open
2nd Post Graduate Beagle
Bill Armstrong (Cornstalk)
18th Dec
Colchester & District CS Open
1st Post Graduate Beagle
Mr D McMillan (Ballalyn)
27th Dec
Stourbridge & District CS Open
2nd Post Graduate Beagle
Mr. Barry Day
7th Jan 06
Wood Green & Palmers Green KA Open
2nd Post Graduate Beagle
Richard Gunn
14th Jan 06
Cardiff  Open CS
3rd Open Beagle
Mr J Luscott (Jalus)
4th Feb 06
Hitchin & District CS Open
3rd Post Graduate Beagle
Mr C Spink
18th Feb 06
Newark & District CS Open
2nd Post Graduate Beagle
Mr S Wilberg (Kanix)
4th Mar 06
3rd Post Graduate Beagle
1st April 06
Bridgford & District CS Open
2nd AVNSC Hound Post Graduate
2nd AV Hound Post Graduate
Dr. Ron James (Jasmorne)
28th Apr 06
2nd Post Graduate Bitch Beagle
Alex Mackenzie
30th April 06
Hound Club of East Anglia
Res Limit Beagle
Mrs Salley Parker (Chapscroft)
27th May 06
Tyne, Wear & Tees Hound Assoc.
2nd Limit Beagle
Mrs Joan Lennard (Butterow)
29th May 06
Bath 2006
3rd Limit Bitch
Mrs M Nixon
21st June 06
Cheshire Show
2nd Limit Beagle
Mrs Patricia Wells (Kortebin)
13th Aug 06
Res Limit Bitch
Mr D Simpson
28th Aug 06
Salisbury & District CS
2nd Open Beagle
Mr H Heathcote
1st Sept 06
City of Birmingham
Res Open Bitch
Mr Siegfried Peter (Germany)
21st Sept 06
Horsham & District
1st Open Beagle
Mrs Mary Pascoe (Sarakhan)
23rd Sept 06
Coulsdon Canine Club
1st Graduate Beagle
Miss C Clark (Geclanjo)
Oct 06
Hound Club of East Anglia
Res Open Beagle
Mr Peter Baker (Pirbek)
5th Nov 06
SW Hound Club Open
1st Open Beagle
Miss Maria Larego (Teckelgarth)
Bridgewater & District CS Autumn Open
1st Graduate Beagle
Best of Breed
Harry Boyle (Zarcrest)
Border Counties Hound Club Open
2nd Limit Beagle
Mrs Sandra Johnson
Tyne, Wear & Tees Hound Assoc.
Res Open Bitch
Mrs Adele Walton Haddon (Ilsham)
Dec 2006
2nd Graduate Beagle
Mrs J Clays (Houndscroft)
Jan 2007
Coventry Ladies Kennel Society Premier Open
Res Post Graduate Beagle
Bryan Dyson (Blison)
South West Essex CA Open
3rd Graduate Beagle
Mr Alan Miles (Alareen)
Feb 2007
Cheltenham & District CS Open Show
3rd Post Grad Beagle
Moray Armstrong (Bitcon)
Horley & District CS Open Show
Res Post Grad Beagle
Mrs A Hodgkins (Maurella)
March 2007
Swindon & District CS Open Show
1st AVNSC Hound Post Graduate
Shirley Rawlings (Chyton)
April 2007
Herts & Essex Borders CS Open Show
2nd Graduate Beagle
Mrs P Williams (Bournehouse)
Humberside Hound Association  Open
Res Post Graduate Beagle
Bill Browne-Cole (Travella)
Tyne,  Wear & Tees Hound Association
2nd  Limit Beagle (1st withheld)
Mr Peter Baker (Pirbak)
June 2007
Hound Club of East Anglia - Hound Group Open Show
3rd Limit Beagle
Miss Jenny Startup(Chahala)
Cheshire County Show - Open Show
2nd Limit Beagle
Mr T Johnston (Feldkirk)
Norfolk & Norwich CS  Open Show
VHC Graduate Beagle
Mrs W. Spencer (Chelridge)
July 2007
South Wales Kennel Association Championship Show.
Res Limit Bitch
Mrs J Robin-Smith
Newport & District Open Show
1st Post Graduate Beagle
Mr F Whyte (Kazval)
Nov 2007
SW Hounds
1st Limit Beagle
Jan Pain (Ravensbeech)