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Guess who???
Sitting on a step.
Not very still very often.
10 weeks old.
Helping with the gardening.
Mum trying her best to get Lucinda to stand correctly. Early days yet!
Time for a nap.

13 Weeks. Still in training, learning to stand still. She can now manage 3 seconds. That's a long time for a beagle.
It is not everyday Lucida will pose for the camera. 
Lucinda at 14 weeks.
Lucinda with what we call the 'Freudian' look (Know what we mean?)
Lucinda contemplating doing a little pruning!
Caravanning at Carnon Downs, near Truro, Cornwall during the first two weeks of August 2002.
Lucinda helping out by fetching the mallet. (for herself to chew)
At the Coulsdon & District Open Show held at Ardingly on the 21st September 2002, Emily Thornton took Lucinda into the ring and showed her for us.
Lucinda Showpics
April 2003