Anjeveer Beagles
Anjeveer Beagles

I was a full time School Teacher until I took early retirement in 2004.  I come from an Army family and frequently moved from place to place so it was not practical to have pets.  Jan, my late wife, however, from an early age, was involved in keeping, breeding and showing (hunt, point and retrieve) the family’s Curly Coated Retrievers and showing her mother’s Yorkshire Terriers (Yorkshire Terrorists!).  She also owned horses from the age of four and was a keen horsewoman in both show-jumping and dressage.  When Jan’s last retriever died at the grand age of 18 ½, in 1991, she decided that a change of breeds would be good, and we decided  to get a Clovergate Beagle, Emily.  It soon became evident that Emily Beagle would never be a show-girl.  When Emily died in 2002, and with Jan wanting to get back to showing, we purchased Lucinda, and shortly after, Truffle. However fate  played a cruel blow with Jan becoming ill with Multiple Sclerosis and total Kidney failure, so that when it was time for Lucinda’s first show, Jan was unable to walk far and just gave me Lucinda’s lead and said, “Do your best.”  I did, and got RBPIS – I was hooked.  A year later Pollyanna joined us.  

Jan achieved a life-time wish of owning a Pharaoh Hound, Kurti.  She was joined (Oct 2006) by Xemxija Charlotte Gray from Sweden and in March 2008, Florrie.  Sadly, Janet passed away on March 27th 2008 only knowing Florrie for 3 weeks.         Graham
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